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Dear Ryan,I write you with real gratitude and high praise for your product and service. This is the first time in my 71 years to do so, for any product. My partner Raleigh is almost 15 years old and doing well now! For the past 6 years it seemed he was allergic to everything. We tried different protein sources, different brands, eliminating or adding, supplementing, all to no relief. We were at the vet every month, where they ordered sedatives (anti anxiety) that made him very listless and dopey. Not a great alternative. Everyone said it was probably time to put him down and I couldn’t bear to see him suffer, so with a breaking heart, I made the date for 2 weeks after. That weekend I found you at the Longview Farmers Market and after listening to you explain Pet Wants mission and product line, I was willing to try one last thing. Well…..Raleigh missed the “date” 14 weeks ago and is doing GREAT! He is still old, but his skin issues and symptoms are gone completely. His focus and interest have returned and is eager to go again. For him and me it is a miracle. But for that issue our life together was wonderful, and is once again. Plus, your prompt and cheerful delivery is great and easy.
Many, many thanks!

Jim and Raleigh Doiron

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